Glaucoma Laser Assisted Solutions

A laser treatment for each glaucoma stage

First Line Treatment

Q-switched, 532nm Nd: YAG laser

Nondestructive laser trabeculoplasty procedure, delivering nanosecond pulses. It results in the selective absorption of energy by pigmented cells sparing adjacent cells and tissues from thermal damage.

Second Line Treatment

810nm SubLiminal diode laser

Composed of a train of extremely short microsecond pulses, this nondestructive cyclophotocoagulation procedure allows a precise management of the thermal effect and preserves the ciliary body structures.


First Line Treatment

Selective laser trabeculoplasty uses a frequency-doubled Q-switched Nd:YAG laser providing 4 ns of pulse energy with a large 400µm laser beam diameter aimed at the trabecular meshwork.

Highly effective, SLT is used as primary treatment for early stages of open angle glaucoma, and can also be used in combination with drug therapy, or as an alternative therapy when drugs fail.



Second Line Treatment

SubCyclo is a nondestructive laser procedure for the treatment of advanced glaucoma.

Based on the transcleral cyclophotocoagulation principle, it relies on the 810nm SubLiminal stimulation of the ciliary body, producing the aqueous humour, and the uveoscleral pathway, secondary route of the aqueous outflow.


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